National Public Health Week Injury Prevention Starts on the MOVE

April 7, 2011

The West Central Health District is pleased to celebrate National Public Health Week, which is sponsored by the American Public Health Association. National Public Health Week will be held April 4-10, 2011 and seeks to educate the public, policy-makers and public health professionals about issues important to improving public health. This year’s theme is “Safety is No Accident:  Live Injury Free.”

In observance of National Public Health Week, on Thursday, April 7th, the West Central Health District would like to remind the public that injury prevention starts on the move.  Keeping children safe in automobiles is everyone’s responsibility, the health department asks you to remember the following tips when transporting children in a vehicle.

  • All children under 13 should ride in the back seat.
  • Select a car seat based on your child’s age and size, and choose a seat that fits in your vehicle and use it every time.
  • Keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible, as long as your child fits the seat's height and weight requirements.
  • Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle.
  • Do not let your children play in an unattended vehicle. Teach them that a vehicle is not a play area.
  • Never leave infants or children in a parked vehicle, even if the windows are partially open.
  • Make a habit of looking in the vehicle - front and back - before locking the door and walking away.
  • Vehicles heat up quickly - even with a window rolled down two inches, if the outside temperature is in the low 80s Fahrenheit, the temperature inside a vehicle can reach deadly levels in only 10 minutes.